MelannyBell's Porn Profile

Nothing more stimulating for my body than feeling your warm skin burning with deep desire, your hands follow the path of my naked body and end in the dark corners of my desires, and there, like firm sentinels of the greatest treasure I possess

I want to drown in your lips, whisper to you with silent words the desire I feel and it excites me, you are that temptation where I will never get tired of falling.

A slow dance that takes us quickly to bed. Come, let me see you, let me know you, have you for me, Let your imagination fly and make me yours, I want to be sub of your desires

  • Age: 21
  • Ethnicity: hispanic
  • Language: en,es,it,pt
  • Bust size: small
  • Body type: curvy,curvaceous
  • Sexual: bisexual